Book Review: Rush


So what’s the game now? This, or the life I used to know?

Miki Jones’s carefully controlled life spins into chaos after she’s run down in the street, left broken and bloody. She wakes up fully healed in a place called the lobby – pulled from her life, through time and space into some kind of game in which she and a team of other teens are sent on missions to eliminate the Drau, terrifying and beautiful alien creatures.

There are no practice runs, no training, and no way out. Every moment of the game is kill or be killed, and Miki has only the questionable guidance of Jackson Tate, the team’s alluring and secretive leader. He evades her questions, holds himself aloof from the others, and claims it’s every player for himself. But when he puts himself at risk to watch Miki’s back, he leaves her both frustrated and fascinated. Jackson says the game isn’t really a game, that what Miki and her new teammates do now determines their survival. And the survival of every other person on the planet. She laughs. He doesn’t. And then the game takes a deadly and terrifying turn.

First line of the book: “Miki.”

Title: Rush (#1)
Author: Eve Silver
My edition: Published by Katherine Tegen Books in 2013, with 361 pages
Age: Young Adult (15+)
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Aliens, Fantasy, Romance, Dystopia, Paranormal, Action, Adventure
Series: The Game (3 books)

This is so weird, okay, so I bought this book from Carina on carinasbooks, and I bought it mostly because the cover was cool, and because I like aliens and science fiction. So, when I started this book a couple of days ago I was kind of hesitant. The writing was weird, the things happening was weird. I was just a little hesitant in actually continuing the book, and then I suddenly had this revelation haha.

Okay, so the plot is kind of cool, I mean, it has aliens and a game and it’s kind of new. I mean, we’ve all read books about games, the Hunger Games for example, but this is so totally different and new, making this the first book I’ve read that’s actually “new” to its genre. All though the plot is cool, I do feel like it has some weird s*** to it. So that’s why it gets a three-star on the plot, because there’s just some things that I feel doesn’t add up.

Okay, so this surprised me. One of the things that put me off about this book in the first hundred pages was the writing style. I just thought it was weird and kind of annoying. But then, I get to this point, I don’t know where, but at that point the writing style just made so much sense. I mean, it’s weird because you have thoughts mixed in with emotions and senses, and it seemed like a big pile of clutter to begin with, but then it made so much sense, and I seriously can’t put my finger on what it was that made me like her writing. It was so characteristic, I’ve never read anything like it, and that is something I really appreciate, when the writing kind of becomes the writer’s, and not the kind of norm of how writing should be. I like it when writers try to break that norm, and make it their own.

Miki is this bad ass girl who I feel like doesn’t really fit in with her crowd. You know the kind of different girl who hangs out with the pretty girls? Well, Miki is kind of a loner all though it’s kind of her own fault. She lost her mom, and she kind of blames it on herself, and she feels like she has to be the adult in her family and because of that, she kind of falls out of the group. Now this is like what I thought at first, but then you get to know Miki on a whole other level during the book, and I feel like she kind of finds herself a little bit through this book. What I didn’t like about her is the fact that she feels kind of rushed (hence the title? I don’t know), but her character goes from panicky, to in love in like two seconds. And it feels like Eve Silver tried to rush her into having some kind of romantic interest, before she even knew who it was. I get the feeling, like you can have a crush on someone just because of what you see, but it feels like Miki falls in love too quickly in this book, and it seemed kind of fake in a way.

Jackson is this pumped handsome, sexy guy who talks in riddles and doesn’t say much except for what he has to say. He’s a douchebag and an asshole, but gorgeous and mysterious at the same time. He wears sunglasses all the time, and he’s like super-cool. But then you get to know him, and he turns out to be more. He’s like the guy from your dreams, someone who says what he thinks and isn’t afraid to admit subconsciously, like he won’t tell you, but you get it, that he likes you. He’s confusing at the beginning, trying to be all bossy, but then, you fall in love with him. Slowly, and then all at once, the fault in our stars style.

Luka is that handsome best friend. You know, everyone has them these days. He’s the Gale to Katniss, the Simon to Clary, you get the idea. And mostly, we think, why aren’t they together? Because they love each other on a whole different level and it would be like kissing your brother. What I like about Luka is that he doesn’t become this big part of the book, but he’s there, always. And because of that, I felt like he was my friend to. He was always there, and you didn’t have to find his name in the book to know, that he had your back.

Carly seems like this really bitchy person that I actually hated in the beginning. I don’t know if I’ve been incredibly lucky, or if the fact that I’m getting older kind of letting go of those not-so-good-friends, and keeping those really good ones. But the fact is, I’ve never really had that REALLY girly friend, I have these amazing friends that I connect with on deeper levels. Oh my god that sounded so cliche and stupid, but the fact is, I always got along with boys better than girls. To this day, I have more girl-friends than boy-friends, and it’s pretty much because I have girl-friends with more boyish qualities I think? That sounds so stupid too, because, everyone can be so not stereotypical. ANYWAYS. Carly is that really girly friend, and I couldn’t really connect with her at all. I liked her when Miki talked about her in certain ways, but at the same time, I just couldn’t connect with her.

The ending isn’t bad or good, I mean, it sets like a mood for the next book, which I’m looking forward to read. I did want to pick up this book right after reading it, but I kind of wanted to digest this one for a while before I did.

It’s a surprisingly good book! I liked it, and I’ll borrow it to all of my friends and make them read it and love it the same way I did. Eve Silver had this really interesting writing, her characters are interesting and the world is amazing. I can’t say that I’m jumping over the fact that there’s two other books I now have to read, but again, I feel like I want a change, so I’m not going to read Push right away. I kind of need the book to digest a little before I go on.

I really like the cover, it looks beautiful with the bright colors! I don’t really know if I love the random pictures of what I’m believing is Jackson and Miki, but all over I think it’s a really good cover.

Favorite quote: “Of course. I died today, and now I’m going to fight aliens with a light saber. Maybe after that we can look for mermaids. Or unicorns.”



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