Book Review: Trouble in Trondheim

The journalist Kurt Hammer has a dark past, and has to pick up the pieces after it. At work, he is suddenly dragged into a series of mysterious muders taking place in Trondheim. The police is clueless, but Kurt Hammer achieves more and more clues. The murders turns out to be part of a story bigger than we thought. 

First line in the book: The moment he lay before her she knew there was no turning back. (Translation done by me, the original language of this book is norwegian)

Title: Trouble in Trondheim
Author: Mats Vederhus
My edition: Mine was actually a word document as I received this one before it was published. 224 pages.
Age: Adult
Genres: Crime, Thriller

I was asked to read and review it by the author. We went to the same school, and I like crime and thriller books very much.

I really liked the plot in this story. It is exciting and it just keeps on escalating in a way that never makes it boring and it makes the story both interesting and good.

Vederhus writes in an interesting, original way. When the characters speaks, it is written in the dialects that they speak in. It was a bit unusual for me at first, but refreshing when I got used to it. I think it adds to the character-building, in fact. At some points, I think Vederhus describes things in a way that’s more gory than perhaps necessary. I personally don’t mind much (I’m a Stephen King fan, I can take it all), but it only happens two or three times in the book, so you kind of don’t see it coming and I found it a bit disturbing.

Vederhus uses a lot of descriptions, which I love, and he makes it easy to imagine how things and characters looks like and what is happening. During the book, we get to read a lot of newspaper articles, and they make a wonderful break from the text. Something I personally liked.

I actually liked the characters in this book a lot. Kurt Hammer is a well thought through character with a big heart and a lot of flaws. I also really like Felicia and Frank. The only thing I have to complain about is a character named Lise, which I wished we could get to know a little better.

All in all, this book has been a nice break from all the studying I’ve been doing lately and I’m very pleased with that. I received the first script of it in December, and I was dying to know the ending while I waited for the second script. As I’ve already mentioned, I think it was really exciting and you really get to know the characters, and it’s easy to like them. Although it’s not really the type of book I read the most of,  it’s an easy read, and I’m really pleased with the ending.

I hope this is not the last we see of Kurt Hammer, because he is a main character I would love to continue to follow throughout more adventures!
Favorite quote: “Everything without saying a word – “the silence told more than any of them could have said by opening their mouths”, she thought”

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