Bookish Post: June on Instagram

June has been a really hectic time for us, we have both been working a lot, and we both had a lot of things going on this month. Hopefully July will be more of a, calm month before moving and starting a new school for Ida, and yeah, we seriously can’t wait to expand our book-blogging both on instagram and in here when we’re finally living together.

This past month mainly consisted of photos of bookhauls and current reads, and looking at it now, I feel sad 😦 It looks so colorless and yeah, just sad. But, this month I think is going to be different! We’re also really close to 100 followers, which is HUGE for us!

Go follow us on instagram

It’s @bymarlida

Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 16.12.28.png

and if you want to follow Marley’s personal bookish account, she’s under the name @marleyreads

Skjermbilde 2016-07-04 kl. 16.12.53.png



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