February (Calendar Girl #2) by Audrey Carlan


In February, Mia is sent to Seattle to work as a muse. French artist Alec Duboi is working on a new exhibit calles “love on canvas” and finds Mia the perfect model for it. Mia would never in her life have imagined herself posing naked in front of a blank canvas, but here she stands.

February and Alec Duboi will learn Mia a lot about herself, of love, of life and self-acceptance. 

The calendar girl series is about Mia Saunders who starts working as an escort in order to save her father from lone sharks. She has one year to pay off his dept or he will be killed. To take advantage of a tricky situation, Mia has decided to make the most of a year that will bring her surprises and many adventures. 

First line of the book: “the twisted and rusted iron gates of the ancient elevator clanged loudly together as the driver pulled them down, locking them in place.”

Title: February
Series: Calendar Girl
Author: Audrey Carlan
My edition: E-book from Cappelen Damm
Age: Adult (18+)
Genres: Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit, Novella, Young Adult

Read the Review on the first book HERE
This review may contain spoilers from the first book

I started reading January because I was curious about the series, as we have been and still are selling a lot of these books at the bookstore I’m working in. I was also curious because people keep comparing it to fifty shades of grey, which I hated, and it would be fun to see if I would like a series similar to the one I hated so much. January was actually surprisingly better than I thought it would be, so I decided to give February a chance.

In January, Mia has to attend parties with January Guy and they are actually out doing things.

In Feburary, Mia sprains her ancle and can’t even walk for herself. Which she does not really need to, because the only thing she will be doing is posing for february guy’s exhibition and stay in his apartment. Like seriously, she does not leave the building. Not until the last ten pages or so.

So we can really divide the plot into three specific actions:

– February guy and Mia working with the exhibition

-Mia having feelings

– February guy and Mia having sex 

(And no, I don’t consider it spoiling that last part because honestly, what did you expect?)

February guy and Mia working with the exhibition is actually kind of exciting. Although it’s a little cheesy, I liked to read about how he works and it’s kind of exciting to imagine how it must be like being a part of something like that. Imagine someone making art of pictures of you. If anything, this was the part of the plot I found most exciting.

Mia having feelings was something I struggled with througout huge parts of this book. One of the things I liked the most about Mia in january was that she was cool and not so full of drama. She is kind of drama in this book. Some of the things she was angry or sad about didn’t even make sense to me. But some of it kind of make sense (see “Characters” further down).

and then we have February guy and Mia having sex which the typical readers of this genre probably will be thrilled about because it never freaking stops. It’s like they have a seven-page long round of sex, and then you get one sentence like “I went to sleep and then I woke up and Alec sat on the side of the bed and it made me horny” and then we’re at it again. I think this is Carlan’s way of compensating the lack of things actually happening in this book, and to me it got kind of boring. But I’m also pretty sure most readers like this, so It’s not neccesarily a bad thing.

But all over, the plot is really shallow. There’s not much action going on in this book, but to compensate there is a lot of sex, and also Mia goes through a pretty big character development (see “characters”).

The writing is the same as in January; Not over the top mind blowing and no depth – but easy, which works well with the genre. You could have read this one in a day if you wanted.

In this book I am seriously struggling with the main character Mia. She went from being a cool, chill girl that learns to take advantage of bad situations to… well, in this book there are certain things that made her into more of a whiny drama-girl:

  • January-guy vs February guy is a theme that goes throughout this book. She has feelings for January Guy, but like 20 pages in all she wants to do is to jump all over February Guy. It is kind of justified because she reflects a lot of this thoughout the book, and I’m still with her on her plan on making some fun out of a shitty year. She has to do this, otherwise she couldn’t do what she is doing. So I get it, but in certain parts of this book, it’s a little too much omg-JanuaryGuy-but-omg-FebruaryGuy drama going on.
  • Mia reflects a lot more over how shit her life has been during this book. For me, the book would have worked a lot more if Carlan had used those pages to actually make a real plot for the book. I’m all into character developing, and I like that Mia has depth to her, but it’s too much and it’s really whiny.
  • There’s one certain part of the book where Mia actually is angry with January Guy and February Guy because they are paying her. And I’m just sitting there like “am I seriously reading Fifty Shades all over again…?” This is just too incredibly stupid. Seriously. I don’t even think I need to explain this. It’s like being angry at a customer in the bookstore because he actually bought the book you recommended. Or fire your cleaner because he actually cleaned the house. This is just too stupid. Then, after being angry and shouting for two pages, she realizes that she is stupid and I’m like “yeah, we knew that two freaking pages ago so what the hell was the point of all this”. I realize that this is an whole new life for Mia, and I definetly support her reflecting over it. It would be weird if she didn’t. But her being angry… Sigh*Since I’ve hated so much on Mia now, I want to add that although this made her a really whiny main character in February, she learns a lot throughout the book that makes me think that she might have better potential as a good character in the next books. We’ll see. There’s almost a moral in February that I liked, I just wished it wouldn’t have to be so incredbily much drama to get to it.

February Guy, Alec Duboi – hot, sexy, creative and french – is just a freaking big cliché and I did not like him at all. He’s trying so hard to be so deep and I can’t take that seriously for one second. I couldn’t even have been friends with this guy. I’m guessing there are a lot of the typical readers of this genre that liked him because romance is always, on some level, clihé. But this was too much for me. February Guy speaks french waaaay to often, then he has to translate it and it always means something super-cheesy. Everything he did was just irritating, and I would have hit him in frustration after like one day. I already have a feeling that February Guy will be the Guy I like the least of them all. Seriously, if March Guy is worse than this I’m done with this series.

Something magical happened at the end of this book, and somehow I started to like it all. This was the part where I realized that all of Mia’s whining in this book may make her a more likeable character in the next. February Guy and Mia’s way of wrapping the month up is actually cute. I don’t understand how I liked it since I haven’t liked a single thing February Guy has done until now, but at the ending he does this one thing and I actually approve. Then they actually leave the building and it litteraly felt like I was leaving it too for the first time in decades. So somehow, I actually liked this part

all-over 2-bla%cc%8a The plot of this whole series still interest me, and I’m till curious about Mia and how she will develop during this year. But February was just too much cliché and to much whining for me. Since Mia and Feburary Guy is the two only chracters that are noteable in the book, it’s natural that I didn’t enjoy it since I never liked February Guy. So: Shallow plot, over-cliché french art-guy and a main character who suddenly realizes that she has feelings she can use to be dramatic and whiny just does not work for me.


14%: Okay, so I feel I need to explain why I’m actually reading this:
1. I need something really really easy to read on the bus because I’m currently reading IT by Stephen King and the book is so HUGE I can’t carry it around.
2. We’re selling a lot of this at the bookstore and there are so many customers asking about it.
3. I don’t have any more excuses. Why am I reading this…

15%: BUT so far this is WAY better than fifty shades. It really is because I could actually relate to Mia – to some degree, but I could not relate to Anna (fifty shades) and I hated her. I actually liked Mia in January. But right now I’m not sure if I like her anymore. I mean how can this be okay for you already wtf.

18%: I do NOT like February Guy though. So far he just seems like a really over-the-top-romantic cliché. January Guy was way better.

52%: Okay so I still don’t like February Guy at all. February Guy is cheesy. February Guy is a cheddar-covered piece of mozarella swimming in a pool of some other type of cheese.”

“February Guy says cheesy lines – half of them in french”
“Mia misses January Guy”
“Cheesy lines in french”
“Mia feels sorry for herself”

72%: And now they had sex again – and Mia is overwhelmed with so much feelings she has to cry…

73%: OH it’s because she is realizing she is a woman!

79%: And now she is angry because January Guy and February Guy actually are paying her… which is the whole point….

96%: Okay so that part was a little cute. 

100%: I’m done! While I liked January, I just didn’t feel it in this one. I never liked February Guy much and too much became waaay to cheesy. But the last chapter was kind of cute, I’ll give it that. 




Speaking of the series in general: I would recommend it to everyone who wants something really easy and light to read. There’s no need to concentrate in this book, you just read the pages like licking ice cream. I would also recommend it to everyone who liked the Fifty Shades Triology. I strongly believe that everyone who liked those books will like Calendar Girl (although it does not work the other way; You won’t neccesarily like Fifty Shades if you liked Calendar Girl).

 My time with Alec was going to end soon”



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