September Wrap Up

September has been kind of crazy. I moved to Gjøvik in August, and started school and got a job – and september has been that part of a new life when you have to settle and get used to all the new routines. There’s been a lot of schoolwork and also I’ve got four exams to study for – the first one now in October…

I also got a job at a bookstore (yay!) and it’s been kind of crazy there as well. And I’m working for the paper every now and then, which has been so much fun – but also a lot of work.

But the new house is still great and I can’t tell you guys how much fun it is to live together with four other close friends.We have dinners together, help each other out with studying, watch movies and all sorts of things!

So that’s what’s happening in my life. Now to the bookish part of my life:

You can check out my September (and August) bookhaul HERE

On instagram:


It’s always a bad sign when you’re able to screenshot the amount of pictures you’ve posted on your profile during a month… I’ll definetly have to step up my game on instagram, as September have not been the most productive one. But I now have 80 followers, which is not a lot, but I’m really happy about the number just increasing and I have a goal of teaching 100 in October!

I’ve also read some books in September:

Horns by Joe Hill
I’m cheating a bit on this one, cause I finished it the 31st of August, but I never made an August wrap-up so I’m adding this…
I haven’t made a review on it yet, but I found it really special! It will stick with me for a while, because the characters were just so incredibly well made and the story was so interesting and set up in a really original way. I bought this book because a friend on goodreads had commented that “you’ll never read anything like this” – and that was true.

January by Audrey Carlan (Calendar Girl #1)
Read my review HERE
It’s funny because this is NOT my genre at all, but in times of much job and much studying I tend to go for these ones because they are it’s such a light-read and you almost do not have to concentrate while reading. I’m also planning on making this huge comparison post between Calendar Girl and Fifty Shades, because I hated Fifty Shades and I’m still excited if I’ll like Calendar Girl more or less.

The first book in the series was okay, actually. I kind of liked it, both because the plot is way better than Fifty Shades (which is my one and only other experience with the erotica-romance genre) and the main character seems cooler

February by Audrey Carlan (Calendar Girl #2)
Read my review HERE

To be honest, I regret giving it two stars. It deserves one and a half, and the only reason it deservers the extra half is because I didn’t give up on the series yet. This book was just shit. Way too much cliché, the February Guy was so cheesy I almost puked and the main character suddenly became Anna from Fifty Shades. I’ve seen some people on goodreads give up the series after this one, and I get it. But, March was avaiable at the e-library so I decided to go for it, although a little part of me wanted to give up…

March by Audrey Carlan (Calendar Girl #3)
Review will be out in a few days

And I got rewarded for it! March was surprisingly good actually. Still a total cliché, as this series probably will be forever, but the plot in this one took me by surprise and I liked it. Mia, the main chracter is back to her cool self again too. And we got to see someone I didn’t think we would see! Yay.

And yes, I just notices how engaged I seem in the series already. I swear to God this is a part of my bookish self I do not know much at all…

I am also reading It by Stephen King, which I started on now in September. The book has 1300 pages or so, so I’m not even sure I’ll be done in October. I’ve finished part one though, and so far it is really, really good! The only reason I have not read more of it is because it’s so freaking big and heavy it’s hard to carry it around. I read a lot on the bus, so I’m missing some important reading-time with this one. Which is why I now read King at home and have another book in my bag for bus-reading.

In October…

I hope to step up my instagram-game and complete my goal of 100 followers! That would be so cool. I also do have my first exam this month, and I’m travelling for two weekends. But that means a lot of time on the train, which means a lot of time to read!

I will at least finish part two of It, and as of right now I’m a little unsure of what my bus-read will be. I have April here with me, but I also have a lot of other books I want to read, so I’m thinking about taking a little time off Calendar Girl… We’ll see.




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