My Funko Pop Wishlist (Part 1)

I have a really bad habit of looking at all the things I want to buy when I’m bored, and especially when I don’t have the money for it (is anyone else doing this or is it just me…?). So today I’ve been drooling over all the Funko figures I want to buy, and I figured I’d make a wishlist!

I’ve sorted the wishlist in two parts, so part one will be Books & Movies!

In no specific order:



It’s almost unbelieveable that I don’t own a single Harry Potter Funko yet! I’ve been sooo close to buy Sirius like ten times already, but I haven’t done it yet. All of these are what I consider the most neccesary of the Harry Potter Funko’s, and I just imagine the shelf with the books and the Funko’s and it just looks SO great in my head. And yes, i want both Dumbledore editions.

Smaug is a must-have (like on my top five of “which Funko’s to buy next). Thorin’s figure is really cool. And yes, there shall be two Gandalf’s in my shelf some day.


The Goonies was one of my favorite movies when I was around 12 year old and I had this secret celebrity-crush on Corey Feldman (I was a funny kid), so Mouth would be so cool to have! Gremlins is another childhood-memory, and Jack Skellington has been in my heart for decades. Miss Peregrine just looks so cool and as I’m writing this I just can’t wait to see the movie!


Ramona and Scott from “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is also characters that would be so cool to have. The movie is so weird, but I love it. And The Joker (Jared Leto style) plus Harley Quinn is just pure awesomeness too!


Odd one out in this picture, lol. But all of the above is also favorite characters of mine. Since Heimdal actually excists as a Funko, I may not be as alone in the world in loving that character as I thought I was?


Belle and Carl are two of my all time favorite Disney characters! I seriously can’t watch Up without crying and laughing like a maniac…
And considering that Horror is a favorite book genre of mine, Cthulhu is a most have as well. And Pennywise right next to my Stephen King Collection in my bookshelf? I would sleep better at night. I seriously would, becuase that would be complete perfection.


Another odd one out picture! This is the characters from the Hunger Games I find most interesting, and I know exactly what shelf they would be put in! And Mikasa is my favorite character from Attack on Titan.


Funko figures  from these categories I wish existed but does not:

  • Stephen King. Come on, it would be amazing.
  • Sam, Aragorn and Gimli from Lord of the Rings (how does this not excist???)
  • Darrow from Red Rising

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