Book Review: PSY by Joey Slater-Milligan

*I received a physical copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Goodreads blurb
Jessamine Baxter has grown up in a peaceful society where parapsychs and non-parapsychs – widely known as ‘laterals’ – are treated equally, but when Jessa’s own parapsych abilities begin to strengthen in unforeseen ways, she starts to suspect that parapsychs and laterals might be more different than anyone could have imagined.

As she grapples with the responsibility of her increasing power, Jessa’s abilities lead her to discover mysterious activity within the parapsych world. She teams up with her best friends and a history teacher to investigate further, and when they unearth the identity of the perpetrator, they learn that his intentions could have utterly devastating consequences.

Ultimately, Jessa and her friends are left with only one option – to bring down their new and dangerous adversary. If they can, a great tragedy will be prevented. If they can’t, the age-old peace between parapsychs and laterals will swiftly unravel.

First line: “It never occured to me that I was in a cult, but now I realise there’s no other word for it.”

Title: PSY
Author: Joey Slater-Milligan
My edition: A paperback published in 2016 by Joanne Milligan, with 450 pages!
Age: Young Adult (The ages of the main character is 14, so I would say that it would fit from 13 and up)
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction

As said, I was sent a physical copy of the book, and I have to thank Joey for actually bothering to do so, it travelled far! All the way from the US to Norway. I was super-happy, because this is the first time I’ve received a physical copy of a book!

So the plot evolves around a world where being a parapsych is totally normal, and they live side by side with “laterals” aka normal people without these abilities. The world is incredibly similar to the one we have today, only with advanced technological steps and it’s really easy to “fall into” this world and live in it.

So, the plot evolves around the world, but more specifically around Jessa, a fourteen-year-old, who’s going to start Winsbury School of Parapsycology in London, and she’s very excited. On her first day she gets to know Maggie and Flynn, two completely different people, but they hit it off right from the beginning.

While at school, she befriends her history teacher Mr. Fletcher, who’s incredibly mysterious, and Jessa’s powers grow each day to the extend that she suddenly connects with a dangerous world where parapsychs are believed to be better and should be treated differently than laterals. It’s incredibly exciting, and I loved the world and the plot incredibly much.

I loved the writing in this book to where I didn’t have to use much effort to understand what was happening. It was an easy read, and I find it so refreshing! I also loved the way the chapters were very short, so I could easily take a small break and look up from the book once in a while. I also liked the fact that there are some “chapters” that have dates and are written like journal entries, and it was a nice way to look back through time and understand more about this dangerous world Jessa gets involved with.

I really really liked the main character Jessa. It’s not often I feel like I totally understand a fictional character, but Jessa, I totally saw myself in her. She was a little different, and she didn’t really care about clothes to the extend where it affected her as a person, it was more a way of expressing herself and she wore whatever she felt comfortable in. I also laughed quite a lot during this book, because Jessa has some awesome one-liners from this book that I just couldn’t overlook! I felt like she was a breath of fresh air in the book, and I actually started loving her kind of “emotional” state where she could be totally happy one minute and kind of angry at the next. It was me as a fourteen-year-old, and there’s no denying it.

Maggie was that friend that everyone has or at least knows of. She’s really good at school, she’s very careful, and she doesn’t break any rules. She’s the kind of person that doesn’t understand how you can waste your time watching youtube videos when you have a ton of homework, so kind of the moral voice in this small bundle of friends.

Flynn was also a really nice character, and he kind of took both Jessa and Maggie down to a level where they were “bearable” if I can use that word. He’s very calm, and he seemed to me like a very grounded guy who genuinely cared about his friends. I also saw myself in Flynn, because he comes from a family with lesser money than most, and I loved how he complimented the girls’ personalities so well.

Mr. Fletcher was a mystery to me, I didn’t really know if I could trust him or not throughout most of the book. I was waiting for him to just be the bad guy or something like that, and I was honestly surprised when his background was revealed. The rest of the characters in this book are so cool, and I loved how Slater-Milligan included a bully, but to the extend where you actually started to feel sorry for her, and kind of saw her side of the situation. That was a big win for me, because every person has a reason to be who they are, even if it’s unforgivable.

This was the big deal-breaker to me. When I was about 50 pages away from the ending, I was seriously wondering how in the world this was going to end, and how everything could be wrapped up in that few pages. But I’ve been fooled before, and so I went into it with a brave face.

I was unsatisfied with the ending, mostly because I felt like it was rushed. It felt like this whole book had been building up to this BIG moment, and then it ended in just a couple of pages with absolutely no explanation. I wanted to know more, I wanted there to be a second book, I need it to be a second book.

The book was all over a good book, I liked it, and I will pass it on to my friends so they can read it as well. All though it had an unsatisfying ending to it (in my opinion), I think endings can be interpreted so many different ways so I’ve decided not to be too detailed about it, but I want to say that this is absolutely a book you need to pick up!

09/16 – Marked as to-read
10/04 – Marked as currently-reading
10/04 – Page 5 / 1% 
“We norwegians are awesome like that”
10/06 – Page 56 / 12% “Ah the build up in this book is driving me craaazy! But I have to sleep :(((”
10/07 – Page 67 / 14% “Mr. Fletcher.. He’s ought to be a nice guy though!”
10/09 – Page 90 / 20% “Again, we Norwegians are weird like that :’)”
10/10 – Page 104 / 23% “Okay, so it’s kind of confusing but totally awesome when we read Lissy’s journal entries! Love that part!”
10/12 – Page 158 / 35% “ooops!”
10/12 – Page 166 / 36% “What’s happening to Jessa is so creepy!”
10/12 – Page 253 / 56% “I knew there was something about the Graves family!!!!!”
10/12 – Page 327 / 72% “I KNEW IT”
10/12 – Page 378 / 84% “the build up is unbearable”
10/12 – Page 400 / 88% “Like how is this going to end?!”
10/12 – Page 423 / 94% “oh shit”
10/12 – Page 427 / 94%
10/12 – Page 430 / 95% “whaat”
10/12 – Marked as read

Yes, I would definitely want this in my bookshelf! So happy I have it!

If you like paranormal books this is definitely a book to check out! I would also recommend it if you want a quick and easy read!

“I agree completely,” Maggie sighed. “It’s practically cannibalistic. I mean, it’s a deliberate separation of the weak from the strong.” 
“I think you might me exaggerating,” Tonia shrugged. “I quite like dodgeball.”
– Maggie & Tonia, PSY




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