Bookish topic: #marleyreadsnov16 challenge

In November I’m hosting a challenge on instagram, and I thought that it would be a good idea to make a more filling post about the days. Tips, explanations and more!

  1. A Book You Want To Read This Month
    I always find it hard to make up a TBR list at the beginning of the month for these challenges, so I thought that picking out ONE book that I really want to get to would be a better idea!
  2. Book & Tea
    Take a picture of a book and a cup of tea, or anything tea-related (like tea-leaves, or a cup, or a tea-bag?)
  3. Books Outside
    Let’s celebrate this time of year and take a picture outside! Hold it up in front of some gorgeous trees, lay it on the ground or simply, take a picture of yourself reading outside!
  4. Book Spiral
    Make a spiral of some books! If you’re not sure what a spiral is, you can simply check it out here: 
  5. Book Lovers Day
    Book Lovers Day encourages you to find a place in the shade to relax with a good book.” Take a picture of your favorite book, or of yourself reading!
  6. #Socksunday
    Do you have any fancy socks? Or maybe just plain socks? It doesn’t really matter what type they are! Take a picture of them with your current read, or just simply a cool book!
  7. Naked Spines
    Naked spines is pretty much self- explainable. Take off the jacket of one of your hardcovers and take a picture of it!

  8. Young Readers Day
    Young Readers Day is today. “A special day to recognize the joys and benefits of reading.” Take one of your favorite YA books and take a picture of it! Or you could go all the way and take a picture of a young reader!

  9. Book Your Favorite Color
    Find all the books that are in your favorite color and snap a picture of it! If you don’t have any books in that particular color, you could simply just find some props in that said color!

  10. Open Book
    Who doesn’t appreciate the esthetics of an open book? Take a book, open it, and take a picture!

  11. Royals
    I was simply thinking of the song “Royals” by Lorde when I made this challenge, and I thought it would be fun to do this! Take a book who has royals inside it, or maybe you have a book that looks royal!

  12. Bookish Heart
    Fold the pages of a book into a heart, or make a heart out of books! You decide! Here’s some inspiration:

  13. Bookmap
    Find a book with a map inside, or take a regular map and show us where the book takes place!

  14. Fairy Lights
    I love fairy lights, I love the way they look and they always look good around books!
  15. Close up
    Take a close up picture of something bookish!
  16. Have a party with your bear day
    So this is kind of cute! Take a picture with a teddybear, maybe one you’ve had for a long time, or if you don’t have a teddy bear, then you should totally find something else you like to cuddle up to!
  17. The thing you love about reading
    This is a hard one, but I thought that maybe you could share what you really like about opening a new (or an old) book!
  18. Five books, five colors
    Find five books with 5 different colors!
  19. #flipabook
    If you haven’t seen this in action, just put the hashtag into instagram and you’ll see what I mean!
  20. Bookmark
    Show off some of your bookmarks! Or maybe show us what you really use as bookmarks! (We all do it)
  21. Bookish quote
    Tell us about a quote you like from a book you’ve read, or maybe just a quote about books?
  22. Favorite book of 2016 (so far)
    Pretty simple, take a picture of the your favorite book of 2016!
  23. Book and food
    Take picture of a book and some food! Or maybe just a snack you like to eat while reading!
  24. Thanksgiving
    Now, since we (norwegians) don’t celebrate thanksgiving, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to show some love to some bookish accounts that you really like, or someone who’s been super-nice to you!
  25. Black Friday
    Just simply take a picture of a black book! Or, if you’ve participated on black friday, you should totally show off some of your buys!
  26. Bookish Crown
    Make a bookish crown, or take a picture of a crown!
  27. Advent
    I have no idea if “Advent” is a word everyone uses, but in Norway we have the first sunday of Advent, and then we light a candle. So, the thought was, take a picture of a book and a candle, or tell us what you love about christmas (it’s right around the corner)!
  28. #theriseofthefunko
    This was a tag I created a while back, and it has been so much fun seeing people use it! The tag is about taking your pop funko figures and show them off to the rest of the world! If you don’t have funko’s, you can tell us which one you would really like!
  29. Wrap up
    Wrap up of the books you’ve read this month! Show off that book or that pile!
  30. Welcome christmas
    Take a christmassy picture and welcome christmas with open arms!




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