March (Calendar Girl #3)


Mia is sent to Chicago to pretend to be Anthony “Tony” Fasano’s future wife. Anthony Fasano is an italian restaurant owner with a fat wallet and muscles made in heaven. Why such a guy would ever need a fake bride is beyond Mia’s imagination. But it does not take long before Mia figures out the mind-blowing reason to why he does so.

The calendar girl series is about Mia Saunders who starts working as an escort in order to save her father from lone sharks. She has one year to pay off his dept or he will be killed. To take advantage of a tricky situation, Mia has decided to make the most of a year that will bring her surprises and many adventures.

First line of the book: The second my feet hit the ground level of the airport in Vegas, I was smashed between two bodies, one long and lengthy, the other petite and feisty.

Title: March
Author: Audrey Carlan
My edition: an e-book edition by cappelen damm, translated to Norwegian by kurt hanssen
Age: 18+
Series: calendar girl
Genres: romance, chick lit, adult fiction, contemporary, erotica

Read my review of January (#1) and February (#2)



I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, actually… The reason I started on this series is because we sell a lot of it at the bookstore, and since everyone compared them to Fifty Shades of Grey – which is a trilogy I hate with all my heart – I was curious if I could be able to like this series.

Well, I kind of liked January and I hated February, so I figured I’d have to give March a chance to see if the series would get better or continue down the sad path it felt like it did in February. And I was actually in for a surprise.



I did not expect this at all, but Carlan has done a brilliant move with the dramaturgy of the whole series by making the plot of March as it is. In March, we meet Antiono Fasano who needs a fake bride, and that is because he is secretly gay. This is perhaps the biggest relief I’ve encountered in a long time because that meant we would get a break. After overly cliché February guy who needed to have sex after every three pages I would finally get a book that had a little more content than that. And it did! This book develops around the family drama going on in the Fasano family. It is about identity, and standing up for yourself and prove what is the most important in your life. And never in my life did I think I could ever write such a sentence about a book in the erotica-genre, but March did it, and I loved it.

(I am currently kind of overworked with my two jobs and being a full-time student with upcoming exams and I was on my period when I read this book so there is a slight chance I am being overenthusiastic)

As Mia gets to know Tony, and his secret partner Victor, she tries to fix the whole situation and make Tony see that even though his mother would hate him for not bringing the family name on, and even though the media would find it disastrous for a owner of a family restaurant – some things are worth more than that. That is basically what this book is about. And it is in fact interesting.

And the biggest surprise of them all is when a man from the Mia’s recent past shows up (giving you a dramatic and excited look). Do not think for a second that Mia won’t have sex in a book, even when her client is gay. And…I really liked that part too.

(It’s settled, this is happening because I have PMS or something)

I really really liked the plot and it was such a relief to finally see Mia in a real plot and not the bullshit not-worthy-of-even-being-considered-a-good-plot crap I had to go through in February. I actually enjoyed this one, and it settled the fact that I now will give April a chance. March did that.

(What is wrong with me)



As in the past books, the writing is easy and you just fly through the pages like a bird in the sky. It lacks the depths and the quotes I like in a book, but it makes up for it because I can freaking read 100 pages of this series and not even feel I had to concentrate. It’s like watching a tv-series where you don’t have to watch the pervious episodes first.



In my review of February, I mentioned that even though I disliked Mia in the book, I suspected that some of the things she went through that month might make her a better character for the next books. I was right, and Mia is improved by far in this one. She worries when she needs to worry and she takes things a lot cooler now than she did in the previous one. In February, Mia learns that it is okay to love people and that she is allowed to accept the people around her as a part of her life and as a part of the people she cares about. This shows in this book, which makes her a much more chill, self-accepting character. I like her a lot more now.

March-guy is my second favorite calendar guy (I shall make myself a t-shirt with “TEAM JANUARY GUY” and wear it everyday). He is cool, professional and fun, even. He goes through a big character development in the book and turned out to be a slightly cooler guy at the end.

We also get to know Mia’s sister and Mia’s best friend better in this book, which was cool. They are still just fillers and I don’t feel the need to write anything about them just yet – but it’s cool to kind of get to know them.


It has become a ritual that when the book is close to ending, Mia’s aunt calls to tell who the next client is and where Mia will be going. This is always a little exciting, because we get a sense of what the next book will be about. April sounds promising! The end in this one is kind of cool too, because we get this huge point of no return – which was absolutely predictable, but nonetheless a necessary turn of events. I liked it, all though I kind of wished I’d be a little more surprised. But then again, as mentioned – these books are the tv-series in the background on tv, the kind of books you just fly through page by page, and having huge surprises and plot twists is not necessary for the books to do it’s purpose for me. BUT I was surprised by the unexpected encounter from the previous past, so sometimes they pull of a little extra.

I was surprised by March because compared to February, March is so much better. It was exciting, it was a break from the usual overly cliché drama and it even took me by surprise on one point, which this genre close to never does for me. I finished the book in like two days, and it was a nice break from the studying and working. I liked March!

Now my favorite Calendar Girl Books is as follows:


09/21 – Marked as Currently Reading
09/21 – 10% 
“This recap was actually a good start!”
27/09 – 46% “I did not think this would happen – because February was kind of shit – but I think I like March. I don’t know, I keep saying how cliché everything is and it really, really is – but it is so good to have a book you can just fly through so easily as this one. It’s my study-break and it works like hell.
09/27 – 88% “You can read these in ones in like half a day. I don’t even have the time to update before I’m done. But yeah… I’m not even sure if I like to admit it, but I like March. I really do…”
09/28 – 100% “I liked this one… I did not think she would pull it off after February (which I gave two stars), but I liked this one.”
09/28 – Marked as Read


I’ve kept saying NO to this series… It’s still a no, but this time I kind of had to think about it. So: It is a no from me because this is not my kind of genre, and I would probably not read this series again. Once is enough. But it has become a series I’d probably recommend to some people, so it kind of would be fun to have them and borrow them to people. But it it’s still a no.


Everyone who wants a light-read, everyone who wants a short read and everyone who likes the genre. And if you liked Fifty Shades, you will like this.



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