October Wrap Up

October went by so fast I can’t even believe it! It was just September…

We received our first character of the semester this month, and I got an A! Yay! It was an essay in photography history, and we just received the second essay which counts even more towards the final grade than the first one did, so I really got to work hard on this one too! We also had our very first exam in a subject I never got the hang of, so I’m kind of excited if I passed or not…

October also consisted of a trip to Tønsberg to visit my boyfriend (which was lovely), a field trip with my class to Oslo and then I wrapped up the month by going to Trondheim to visit two of my best friends in the whole world. We lived together in Bodø from January to June and I haven’t seen them since so it was about time and so amazing to finally spend some time with them. I also attended a book meeting with my co-workers at the book store and we had a blast eating and drinking while hearing about all the new books coming out now!


instagramoktAs I mentioned in my September Wrap Up I decided to spend some more time on my bookstagram-account since September wasn’t my best month. I decided to make a theme, and went for a warm fall-ish one. My goal was to get 100 followes and now I have 136 followers! YAY. The bookstagram community are the best, people are so nice!


Book-related it’s been kind of an exciting month. I never get to read as many books as I hope for, but in October there were three books:

Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris 4-bla%cc%8a

This was one of the books we heard about at the book meeting and I finished it in like three days or something. It was so exciting I  sacrificed a great amount of sleep even though I had my exam coming up the same week!

Read the review HERE

Legend by Marie Lu 4-5-bla%cc%8a

Marley read it a long time ago and has told me to read it ever since. I finally did and I really understand the hype; this book was amazing

I haven’t written a review yet, but you can read Marley’s review HERE

The Introvert by Michael Michaud 4-bla%cc%8a

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, and i was surprised by how good it was. It felt a bit odd at first, but it’s really one of the most special crime book that I’ve read and I kind of fell in love with it!

Read my review HERE


November is a month I’m going to dedicate for studying, because we have four assignments(!!) due to Friday the 11th and we have three exams coming up in Desember which all will be hard and will take a lot of studying to pass. So school will take up a lot of time. I’m also starting on my second job so I have to plan the studying thoruoughly so I’ll have time for it. But I’ll make it!

Also, first of November was my birthday! He came to visit this weekend, and I celebrated it on saturday with my him, my roomies and some friends from school. It was a blast! I got surprise cupcakes too! And I got so many nice presents (check my instagram)! 

For the first time in my life, I also have a list of books I’m going to read!

Both me and Marley received RISE by Cara Brookins in the mail in late October, a requested review from St. Martins. It’s a biography, which I rarely read, but this one looks lovely and I will finish it during November. I’m also currently reading “Lost Nowhere” by Phoebe Garnsworthy, another requested review. And I’ve said yes to read “Archie’s Mirror” by Geoff Turner and “Interface” by Tony Batton.

I’m still reading IT by Stephen King which I somehow haven’t prioritated at all for no good reason. Except that  it’s too big to carry around. I seriously hope to finish it before christmas, so I hope I get to read some of it during November.


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