Marley’s 2017 reading challenges

I made myself some challenges to keep up with in 2017, because I tend to read books that I “shouldn’t read”, aka I buy more books when I already have books at home. So this year I wanted to challenge myself a bit!

Challenge utfylt.jpg

If you can’t read it; 
– A 5 star book
– A book with a male author
– A book with a one word title
– A book with a female author
– A Stand-alone
– A sequel
– A book with magic
– A book under 250 pages
– A book I own but haven’t read
– A book about a girl
– A summerish book
– A book about a boy
– A book set back in time
– 400 page book
– A book I lend from someone else
– A book I read in one day
– A book with a plot-twist I did not see coming
– A book with a beautiful cover
– A book published in 2017
– Third book in a series
– A book with non-human characters
– A book published minimum 5 years ago
– A book with a dark cover
– A book by an author I haven’t read before
– First book in a series
– A book I had high anticipation for

genre challenge.jpg

This is because I wanted to challenge myself genre-wise and set some goals for how many books in each genre I want to read this year!

35 books.jpg

And this is just a regular “count-down” for each book I read!

You can follow my progress through my monthly “Marley’s reading update”, where I’m going to cross off some of the points on my reading challenges!



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