Book Review: Resurface by Tony Batton



Goodreads blurb
A Chief Executive in jail, a company in tatters A hidden facility pushing the boundaries of scientific research A deadly assassin on a mission for revenge An item of unstable technology stolen from a CIA black site A plot to make us more than human, whatever the risks A young man that connects them all.

First line: “A bell jangled angrily as Amelia Fourier opened the restaurant door.”

Title: Resurface
Series: Book 2 in Interface
Author: Tony Batton
My edition: A paperback published by Twenty-First Century Thrillers in 2016, with 419 pages.
Age: Adult, but suitable from maybe 16+.
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller

why this book?.jpg
I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All though this is the sequel to Interface, I read the book even though I hadn’t read the first one, which was possible, as told by the author.

the plot.jpg
It’s kind of hard to explain the plot, but all over it’s about a man called Tom, who, as I’ve realized in the first book, went through a scientific test (I’m not sure if this is right, but that’s what I understood) where he’s been inserted with nano-technology that makes him able to interfere with computers, networks etc. He’s on the run, and all though I’m pretty sure it was explained why in the book, I didn’t get it, so he’s on the run and I think it’s because people think that he’s dangerous and/or wants to use him.

Then there’s the case of the CIA looking into him because they think he stole something (dangerous?) from them, and there’s a whole lot of stuff going on. But for me, this book was about Tom. Not only is he trying to escape from the scary people, he’s also running into someone from his past, he tries to find out about his family-history, and then there’s a lot going on parallell to what happens to him.

Now that parallell thing that goes on, where you jump from character to character, that made this book both incredibly interesting to read, and incredibly hard to read, and that is why the plot gets a 3.5 star from me. It’s not a bad plot, not at all, it’s actually very interesting and I would have loved this as a YA book with a slightly “easier” plot. But to me there was so much going on at the same time, that I was having trouble keeping up with what was going on. I felt like I kept on forgetting where people were, and what they were doing and it became this big soup of characters and actions that didn’t quite stick with me. But there’s a very simple reason for that, and it’s because I haven’t read the first book “Interface“. While reading this book I kept updating my Goodreads account, and Tony Batton actually took contact with me and told me that he might have made a mistake by sending me the second book whilst I hadn’t read the first. And it’s an honest mistake, because in all sincerity, you can read this book alone without having read the first book, but it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening, and I think that if you’d read the first book you would have been left with a better understanding of what’s happening and who’s who.

the writing.jpg
The writing in this book is really good, I feel like I have a good mental picture of what I’m supposed to “see”. Sometimes I felt like it was hard to see who was speaking, and I sometimes had to go back in order to count the lines so that I could see who was who, but I think that only happened like twice. Other than that, it’s pretty much an easy read. It’s got some complicated science-talk that was kind of intimidating, but it’s easy to understand what’s going on in the book, and the way he divides the chapters make this a super-fast read! Each chapter is between 2-6 pages long, and therefore, super-easy to get through!

the characters.jpg
This is where the tricky part comes, because as I said, there’s a lot of characters and parallel stuff going on in this book, and as one of my first Goodreads-updates said; “13 names to remember in 40 pages.. It’s nuts.”. Of course, as I realized later, not all those names were important, but it was still a HUGE number of names to remember in such a short amount of pages that I was like, woah. (There’s a reason why I can’t get through Game of Thrones). As said, I think that if you read Interface before Resurface, you’ll be introduced to a lot of characters before this book, and therefore, there won’t be so many names to remember, but anyways.

Tom Faraday was an interesting character, and I liked him a lot. He was understandable, and likable, and I didn’t think once that he was one of those “stupid” characters that you just roll your eyes to. He was cool, and as explained, I saw him as “my” main-character.

William Bern, apparently a bad guy (or is he kind of good too?) was an interesting character. Because I hadn’t read the first book, my first impression was that he was INCREDIBLY mysterious. I kept on thinking, who is this man? What has he done? Why is he in prison? And then, the big surprise comes and you just think, woah, he’s actually kind of a bad guy.

Peter Marron was also one of those guys where I wasn’t really sure if he was bad or good, imprisoned yes, but what had he done? And why was he so important in this book? So he was also mysterious to the point of “no return”.

There’s also Kate Turner, who I really liked. I also loved Alex, she was a really cool character and she added a little something to the storyline. Lentz was at some times highly annoying, but also a really cool character. And it actually struck me right now that this book is packed with a bunch of cool female characters! Characters in CEO positions, and with science jobs and yeah, it had some gender-awesomeness!

a short summary.jpg
To me, this book was really interesting, and I liked it to the point where I wished that I’d read Interface before Resurface because I think this book would have been easier to understand. I won’t recommend reading it without reading Interface, because it only adds to the confusion that you don’t know the characters beforehand. Ida Elise, my co-writer on this blog has the Interface book and will read and review it herself, so it’ll be interesting to see what she thinks of the first book!


03/11-16 Marked as to-read

05/01-17 Marked as currently reading

07/01-17 Page 36 “It’s interesting, a bit hard to keep up with the names – I have to actually take notes.. But I like how short the chapters are!”

08/01-17 Page 40 “13 names to remember in 40 pages.. It’s nuts.”

10/01-17 Page 107 “I really like where this is going though! And I have the craves every chapter to read about Tom again!”

11/01-17 Page 176
12/01-17 Page 201

13/01-17 Page 255 “Everyone’s getting closer!”

14/01 Marked as read

Both yes and no, I’m more into typical YA sci-fi and fantasy, and this was more of an adult book, but it’s also a very interesting and cool story, so maybe if I’d read the first book that I would continue with this.

I recommend it to anyone who’s into kind of realistic adult science fiction with a dash of thriller in it.



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