Book Review: The Eternity Road by Lana Melyan



Goodreads blurb
On her eighteenth birthday, Amanda has a dream that feels strangely lifelike. When Amanda recounts the experience to Melinda, the faithful housekeeper who has looked after her since her mother’s death, she assures her it’s meaningless, with no significance at all. But Melinda isn’t telling Amanda the truth.

Craig, the older brother of Amanda’s friend Hanna, has loved Amanda from afar for years. But a deep secret, going back centuries in time, keeps him from ever making a move.

When Melinda, who has a secret of her own, tells Craig about Amanda’s dream, it changes everything between them. Two vampires posing as men are pursuing Amanda, and Craig is devoted to keeping her safe. Luckily Craig and his sister are Hunters, the only supernatural creatures able to defeat the evil beings.

Craig and Hanna will do anything to protect Amanda, because they know that their friend has a special mission … even though she doesn’t have any idea of what’s happening around her or who she truly is.

First line: “They galloped through the dark woods and came out to a meadow that glowed silver in the moonlight.”

Title: The Eternity Road
Series: Book 1 (it’s going to be a trilogy!)
Author: Lana Melyan
My edition: Paperback published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in 2015, with 376 pages.
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

why this book?.jpg
Lana Melyan sent me the sweetest message on Goodreads asking me if I wanted to read her book, and of course I said yes! It seemed so interesting and I just loved the cover and the idea of the book, so within a few days the book popped into my mail-box and I immediately sat down to read it.

the plot.jpg
How do I explain this plot without either confusing you or spoiling it for you? I’m not sure, but I’ll give it a try. The plot is about Amanda, Hanna and Kimberley, three very good friends who live normal teenage lives. Or at least that’s what we think. Amanda isn’t just a normal teenage girl, and Hanna isn’t either, and Kimberley, well, she gets thrown into this mess whether she wants to or not. Hanna has a brother named Craig, who’s neither a normal teenage boy, and throughout the book we learn more and more about Hanna and Craig’s strange past and what is going on in Amanda’s dreams.

The plot is so good! I was, to be honest, afraid that this was going to be one of those weird vampire-novels where they sparkle and look beautiful and have super-powers but it’s so much more! Not only do we have interesting characters, but we have are KEPT IN THIS AWFUL (in a good way) SUSPENSE that killed me throughout the entire book. IT WAS SO GOOD I read half of the book in one day, in one sitting. I could not put it down, and I loved every single page of this beautiful book, and I’m soon going to send Lana Melyan a message BEGGING HER to publish the sequel because I CANNOT WAIT any longer to know what happens next.

When that’s said, I also loved that I was able to kind of predict it, but I wasn’t entirely sure, so it was this big surprise in the end which made me (yes you’re reading the next few words right) cry. So there you have it. Go buy it just because of this amazing plot.

Not only do we follow the girls through this amazing and thrilling journey, but we get to know creatures like vampires and the people who hunt them; The Hunters! Which was such a cool storyline in itself!

the writing.jpg
So the writing is good, it’s not the reason why I’m giving it a 3 1/2 star, it’s because there are some errors in the book, and I sometimes struggled to understand some sentences because I think there might have been some rush in the process of printing it? I don’t know, but there were some errors throughout the book that kind of put me off and made me question whether or not I was understanding things right.

When that’s said, it has so much goodness in it. I mean, first of all we have the storyline that goes on “today” with Amanda, Kimberley and Hanna – but then there’s the flashbacks that goes back in time with Craig, Hanna, Samson and all the other characters. I LOVED the flashbacks, sometimes I felt like the flashbacks could be a book by itself, I would have loved to read a storyline just based on that. But yeah, the writing is really good and I was loving the darkness of the whole book.

the characters.jpg
Amanda to me was a nice main character, I liked her at the same time that I didn’t like her. It’s strange because she is a likable character, but sometimes I felt like her emotions lacked; and I guess that some of it had to do with the fact that she was what she was and everything, but sometimes I just felt like she lacked some sense of getting angry, because she never knew what was going on and it was like she accepted that without really questioning it, and a normal person, I think, would be quite angry – but despite that I also liked her, she was easy to get to know and she felt real.

Craig was one of the most interesting characters to me. I really liked him and he had such an interesting backstory. At first I couldn’t understand him, I thought he was going to be that weird older brother, but then as the story went on I just fell in love with him more and more. He was perfect.

Hanna was probably my favorite, not only did she come from Norway (yeei) she was also so fierce and brave and yeah, Melyan made the perfect picture of what Norwegians are like (or at least what we want to be seen as). Throughout the book Hanna changed and sometimes I felt like I wanted to shake her real hard because she and Amanda were such good friends, and then she was holding so much information back and it kind of annoyed me, but it didn’t lessen the character at all.

Kimberley was probably the most “boring” character, and it was mostly because she ended up being in the background of it all. She was just that annoying third-wheel that never really understood anything, and she was the character that felt unnecessary to me. But at the same time it was also important that she was there because that kind of made it even harder for Craig and Hanna to keep everyone safe. So she’s not a bad character, not at all, but she was kind of kept in the shadows throughout the story and I felt like she should have been more in front.

Ruben was also a cool character, I really liked him. I kept seeing this handsome, kind of dark and mysterious guy, and I felt more attracted to him than to Craig in the end haha, just because of what I kept picturing in my head.

Samson was an incredibly important character and I really really liked him. He was mostly in the flashbacks, but it was okay because it built the story to become even more exciting! Fray was also mostly in the flashbacks, and BOY did I hate him. Not because he was a bad character, but because he was such a jerk. There were also so many more characters, but I feel like if I say anything more it’s going to ruin everything for you guys, so I’ll keep it to that.

a short summary.jpg
The book is really good, and it wasn’t at all what I first expected. It’s full of action-filled scenes as well as romantic and cute scenes, and I just loved the fast pace! It made me sit in one sitting reading most of the book one night and I love it when that happens. I also loved how it didn’t reveal everything at once, it came in small bits throughout the book making the story so captivating from the first page.


28.01.2017 Marked as to read

31.01.2017 Marked as currently reading
31.01.2017 Page 57 – Really like it so far! And Hanna<3

03.02.2017 Page 138 – This book ❤
03.02.2017 Page 185 – ‘People are our food. You think humans are better. Don’t they do the same when they are hungry? They kill animals, don’t they? First they take milk from the cow, then they eat its babies, then they slaughter the cow itself. Nobody calls them killers.’
03.02.2017 Page 253 – I can’t put it down!!!!
03.02.2017 Page 300 – nooo my heart </3
03.02.2017 Page 325 – Ooooooh
03.02.2017 Marked as readwould-i-buy-it

Yes! I mean the book is so good, and the cover is just amazing!

If you like paranormal/fantasy/supernatural books you have to check this out! It’s so good!

“From the first moment I saw you, it was like I found something I was sure was mine but I didn’t know where it was. What I saw after made that feeling even stronger.” 

About the author


Lana Melyan is a writer who actually now lives in Oslo! Not far from where I live. She wrote the book The Eternity Road in 2015, and is now working on the sequel! It’s so exciting I know!

She studied literature (Russian, world, ancient) in college for five years and grew up reading classics, which became a great contribution to her education. If you want to find out more, check out her website or visit her Goodreads profile Lana Melyan.



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