Instagram Weekly with Marley [Week 8]

@marleyreads on instagram!

Tags #beautifulbookspines (by @theheirofhufflepuff_), #rereadworthy (by @perks_of_being_a_reader) and #10factsaboutme (by @mundongsaging):
1. I’m a loner (I tend to keep to myself and I need a lot of time to “recover” from being social)
2. My hair’s actually quite blonde, but when I was 15 I wanted to go darker – and it’s been pretty much a dark brown ever since!
3. I have a birthmark on my right index finger (It kinda looks like a map of the world)
4. When said bookmark was found by my mother she thought it was dirt and tried to scrub it off.
5. I have really dark brown eyes, like my mother, while my little sister has light blue eyes like my father (which annoyed me for like the first 5 years of her life).
6. I’ve never broken anything on my body
7. I’ve had braces (THANK GOD)
8. I rarely wear colors other than black, white or grey
9. I think the reason for me not wearing other colors are because I rarely express myself through my looks, but through being creative
10. I’m socially awkward (hence number 1)

rfabfeb17 – Day 20: Trilogy
(Monday, 20.02.2017)

Tags #welllovedbooks (by @mikysbooks), #slowread (by @mikysbooks) and #kissmarrykill (by @mikysbooks)
I would kiss Jace, marry Alec and ofc kill Valentine.

rfabfeb17 – Day 21: Long series
(Tuesday, 21.02.2017)

Tags #4books4genres (by @perks_of_being_a_reader), #unreadbooks (by @the_bookish_grace), and #rainbowbooks (by @whatsername_reads)

Rfabfeb17 – Day 22: Rainbow books
(Wednesday, 22.02.2017)

Tags #bookishcolor [white] (by, #currentread (by @perks_of_being_a_reader, @hillyreads and @ash.reads), #winterbooktag (by @latenightreading), #bookspinebeauty (by @ash.reads), #bookishletter [J] (by @whatsername_reads) and #5bookishfacts (by @theheirofhufflepuff_)
1. I have 331 books on my TBR
2. I rarely read ebooks because I just don’t like it
3. While reading a hardcover I always take off the jacket so that I don’t ruin it
4. I could never color-code my shelves because it brings out the perfectionist inside of me and it holds me up at night
5. I generally buy more hardcovers, but I like reading paperbacks better.

Rfabfeb17 – Day 23: Book spines
(Thursday, 23.02.2017)

Tags #seaofbooks (by @haraiaheve and @thebooksmademedoit) and #3thingsatbp (by @theheirofhufflepuff_ and @whatsername_reads)
My new avocado socks
Being that good kind of tired
Knowing that you’ll probably buy a book today
Having a sick stomach
That damn pimple that appeared this morning
Not knowing what to wear tonight at the fancy dinner

Rfabfeb17 – Day 25: Sea of books
(Saturday, 25.02.2017)



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