Instagram Weekly with Marley [Week 9+10]

img_3232#rfabfeb17 – Day 27 – February Bookhaul
(Monday 27.02.2017)

Skjermbilde 2017-03-14 kl. 21.36.27.png
#bookishtitlepage (by @mikysbooks & @hillyreads)
#titlepage (by @anniekslibrary)
#openbook (by @whatsername_reads)
#redbookfronts (by @mikysbooks)

#rfabfeb17 – Day 28 – February Recap
(Tuesday, 28.02.2017)

Skjermbilde 2017-03-14 kl. 21.40.12.png
#firstbookinaseries (by @whatsername_reads)
#sixwordtitle (by @whatsername_reads)
#bookishchildhoodchallenge (by @bookish.mum)
All though I don’t have any of my childhood books here where I live now, the Harry Potter movies and the first book, has always been a childhood favorite!

#rfabmarch17 – Day 1 – Happy Birthday Ron!
(Wednesday, 01.03.2017)

#bookishparttwo (by @whatsername_reads)
#bookandnature (by @whatsername_reads)
#girlonthecover (by @ariaanddante
#tbranticipation (by @the_readingowl)

#rfabmarch – Day 2 – March TBR
(Thursday, 02.03.2017)

Skjermbilde 2017-03-14 kl. 21.47.00
#gettoknowmetag (by @mikysbooks)
First fandom: The very non-existing fandom of Teen Wolf!
Favorite book: You can’t have one favorite book….
Favorite female character: I like strong female characters. Like Lila (ADSOM) or Phoenix (New World), but Katniss has always been a favorite.
Favorite male character: I always find that male characters often end up being “soft” and unrealistic in YA books. But to me, I actually have to go with some villains, because they’re always more realistic than the “love interest”. So The Darkling and Holland!
Hardcovers or paperbacks: Paperbacks for reading, hardbacks for keeping!
Favorite time to read: Right before bed!
Currently reading: A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

#meetthebookstagrammer (by @the_readingowl)
One fact about you: I’m a graphic design student!
Favorite color: Can I say black?
THG vs. Harry Potter: Harry Potter ofc.
Favorite food: Everything I can’t eat, like garlic bread and pasta carbonara
Your nickname: Marley
How long have you had your account? For quite some time now, about a year!
Hair color: Dark brown
Favorite animals: Dogs!
Current read: A Gathering of shadows!

#rfabmarch17 – Day 3 – Begins with H
(Friday, 03.03.2017)

Skjermbilde 2017-03-14 kl. 22.02.08.png
#bookishcolor {yellow} (by @hillyreads)
#10thingsihate (by @honeydukesbooks)
– Feeling moist haha, like when you’re sweaty, or the air’s moist after rain!
– People I can’t place
– Having to pee but not wanting to get up so it goes over to this ache haha, I do it way too much.
– When I can’t find that perfect emoji for a conversation!
– When I’m hungry but I can’t find anything I want to eat..
– When I seriously want to read but my eyes drift more and more close..
– Typos in books
– Being hangover
– When something doesn’t go as planned
– aaand when you can sleep long one day, but you wake up hours before you have to get up!

#rfabmarch17 – Day 4 – Begins with I
(Saturday, 04.03.2017)

Skjermbilde 2017-03-14 kl. 22.06.56.png
#purplebooks (by @perks_of_being_a_reader & @hillyreads)

#rfabmarch17 – Day 5 – Begins with J
(Sunday, 05.03.2017)

Skjermbilde 2017-03-14 kl. 22.08.18.png
#kickassgirls (by @whatsername_reads)
#4thingsilove (by @honeydukesbooks)
– Waking up not feeling tired at all, just ready for a new day!
Not being able to put a book down before you finish it
Knowing that you’ve done good on something, it can be anything really, like you made the best sandwich, or got a good grade in school!
When you feel helpful to a friend, knowing that they appreciate what you’ve done

#rfabmarch17 – Day 6 – Begins with K
(Monday, 06.03.2017)

#threewordtitle (by @mundgongsaging & @idaslibrary)
#unreadbooks (by @the_readingowl & @ash.reads)

#rfabmarch17 – Day 7 – Begins with L
(Tuesday, 07.03.2017)

#photogenicbooks (by @whatsername_reads)
#bookishtitlewithname (by @whatsername_reads)
#LGBTbooks (by @the_readingowl)
#booksillneverforget (by @the_readingowl)

#rfabmarch17 – Day 8 – Fav female character
(Wednesday, 08.03.2017)

#booktomovie (by @hannabananareads)
#strongfemalecharacters (by @theheirofhufflepuff_ & @tale.addict)

#rfabmarch – Day 9 – Begins with M
(Thursday, 09.03.2017)

#colouredbooks {purple} (by @hillyreads)
#bookandblanket (by @ash.reads)
#bookishnumber {1} (by @whatsername_reads)

#rfabmarch17 – Day 10 – Begins with N
(Friday, 10.03.2017)

#theriseofthefunko (by me!)

#rfabmarch17 – Day 11 – Bookish merch
(Saturday, 11.03.2017)

#bookshelfie (by @haraiaheve)

#rfabmarch17 – Day 12 – Shelfie
(Sunday, 12.03.2017)



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