Book Review of Trivial by Alee Lythgoe

Goodreads blurb From the eyes of another common nobody, a guide to help you dodge every little terror life sends your way. Whether you’re battling depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder, this guide is for you. First line: “Just about every day I wake up and feel like garbage.” Title: Trivial Author: Alee Lythgoe My edition: Ebook, published […]Read Post ›

Instagram Weekly with Marley [Week 9+10]

#rfabfeb17 – Day 27 – February Bookhaul (Monday 27.02.2017) #bookishtitlepage (by @mikysbooks & @hillyreads) #titlepage (by @anniekslibrary) #openbook (by @whatsername_reads) #redbookfronts (by @mikysbooks) #rfabfeb17 – Day 28 – February Recap (Tuesday, 28.02.2017) #firstbookinaseries (by @whatsername_reads) #sixwordtitle (by @whatsername_reads) #bookishchildhoodchallenge (by @bookish.mum) All though I don’t have any of my childhood books here where I live […]Read Post ›